Dear Steelers, We are sorry. Signed, The NFL

13 11 2010

By Justin Cupler

After the iffy officiating this past Sunday, Mike Tomlin sent a formal complaint to the NFL regarding these awful calls (pass interference in the end zone and roughing the passer on Hampton). The NFL responded by saying that yes the calls were incorrect and we are sorry for our referees strapping on their Bengals garb and acting as the 12th player for Cincinnati. Thankfully, the calls did not affect the final result of the game. One wonderful thing about most REAL Steeler fans is that we will not blame the referees if our team loses like many other fans. We may make light of it, but our team wins and loses games themselves.

My 10 thoughts:

  1. Referees need more accountability
  2. Now will people please shut-up with saying that the Steelers get games given to them, referees make mistakes, it happens.
  3. I think it is time for Ron Winters and Ed Hochuli to retire, way too many errors lately
  4. I think there should be a challenge option for penalties, maybe one per half.
  5. I am concerned with the fact that the temper tantrum thrown by T.O. got the flag. That is scary.
  6. Not only was the penalty against Hampton not a penalty, but the Ref missed the penalty that caused that to happen. The O-lineman performed — the illegal — “Ole” block, where you block for a second then step aside allowing the defenders movements to make him lose balance.
  7. The Steelers still overcame the bad calls to win
  8. Holding needs to be more actively enforced, it seems to be on a sliding scale. The better the defender is, the more holding the Refs allow on that player (i.e. James Harrison is held nearly every time he blitzes).
  9. Offensive Pass Interference is running wild in the NFL, but it is rarely called.
  10. The ball-spotting needs serious improvement as well. I saw several spots that were favorable and unfavorable for both teams.



One response

14 11 2010
Jim Thomas

100% right when you say teams win and loose games on their own. The ref stuff balances itself out much of the time. If you lose one this week, you may well win one next week as the benefactor of a bad call. And, if you lose because of a bad call, you need to ask, as a team, why we allowed that one call to matter so much.

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