13 11 2010

By Justin Cupler

When the Steelers traded Santonio Holmes — the oft-troubled former first-rounder — many fans were up in arms. Many of us, myself included, were concerned as to whether or not this rookie-phenom, Mike Wallace, was ready to play with the “big-boys.”

Santonio Holmes may be looking back wishing he would have been less troublesome (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images).

Despite week nine — when he had 114 yards receiving — Santonio Holmes has not been a shining star since his return from a 4-game suspension. In his first three games back, he averaged just over 40 yards per game, about 13 yards per catch and 0 TDs.  These numbers are not all-pro numbers by any stretch of the imagination and makes the trade look even more smart by Kevin Colbert. Though they did not get much for him, a fifth-round pick, they showed Mike Wallace that they have confidence in him performing well. Wallace has responded by leading the NFL in yards per catch (23.0), he is on a 44 reception pace for over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns. Plus, he has proved his toughness by repeatedly going over the middle.

The sky is the limit for Mike Wallace and he has the ability to become an elite player in this league, as long as he keeps focused on the game. Many star players — wide receivers especially — seem to lose focus and their play starts to slip. Mike seems to be a level-headed guy on the playing field and I just hope it remains of the field. This is where Santonio failed, he had repeated run-ins with the law and finally the NFL and the Steelers got fed-up with it. He even gave the Jets a sneak-preview as he nearly escaped serious problem on the plane ride back to Pittsburgh from New York after he was traded, when he refused to turn off his IPod for landing.

All-in-all, this was a great trade for the Steelers. You got rid of a troubled player that is bound to be into more trouble at some point in his career. New York may not have been the best city for him, but that is not Pittsburgh’s problem now. Many Steeler Fans are simply saying “Santonio-Who?”




2 responses

15 11 2010

I think this trade was pretty win/win for both teams. Mike Wallace is an excellent athlete, and a tremendous player, and Santonio has been bailing us out of some jams recently. Besides his clutch receptions, he set up the the game winning FG last week, and won us the game with a TD in OT, when a tie was almost imminent. And as you previously stated, we got Santonio for a hot pocket and some pennies.

15 11 2010

Absolutely agreed, he looks to be catching on more as of these past two games. Lets hope, for Jets fan’s sake, that he remains out of trouble.

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