Big-Play Willie Gay… Please, Go Away!

15 11 2010

So Mr. Big-Play himself, William Gay, sure has proven himself as a “big-play” threat… for the Patriots. This former Louisville standout has been reduced to a nickel back role, behind the –not so great– Bryant McFadden. The problem is, he can’t seem to even cover a tight end, as he was the defender on all three of New England’s touchdown passes to Rob Gronkowski. One play was simply a perfectly thrown ball, so we cannot fault him for that, but the other two were him being toasted by, basically, an undersized offensive lineman.

William Gay has proven that he does have the tangible tools, but lacks either the desire or mental capacity to break down routes. He can run with most wide receivers, so do not discount his athletic abilities. He just lacks the intangibles to cover precise routes, which is especially necessary when playing as the nickel back, since you are covering the tighter routes.

It is just time for William “I celebrate every tackle” Gay to sit down and let someone else get some snaps, Crezdon Butler cannot be any worse… I hope.

Touchdown #1 (perfect pass)

Touchdown #2 (Bit hard on play action)

Touchdown #3 (Flat-out burned)




One response

18 11 2010

couldnt be more right. reminds me of Chad “If it’s a big play, I probably gave it up” Scott. I still hate that dude

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