Steelers Vs. Ravens Wrap-Up

6 12 2010

By Justin Cupler

In a fight for first place in the AFC North, the Steelers come into Baltimore looking for sole possession of first place.

The game began with a blown call [and a blown up nose] when Haloti Ngata’s hand entered Roethisberger’s facemask and redirected his nose. The Steelers called it simply a “Bloody nose,” but his crooked , and obviously broken, nose was shown to the world in high definition. The foul was not called on Ngata, but he is sure to see a $20,000 deduction from his paycheck. The Ravens took a quick 7-point lead in the first quarter when Bryant McFadden lost Anquan Boldin in the middle of the end zone, leaving him wide open. for a TD grab. From 7:10 in the first quarter until late in the 3rd quarter, this game turned into the defensive battle we all expect when these two teams meet.

Late in the 3rd quarter, Heath Miller took a big shot to the helmet as he was going to the ground. He was a defenseless receiver, but the refs missed the call because their view was possible obstructed. Miller laid on the field for about five minutes until he cam to his feet and walked off. Miller never returned as he was diagnosed with a concussion. Jameel McClain can expect a fine along with Ngata this week.

In the end the Troy Polumalu and the defense came up huge with a sack, fumble and recovery in the 4th quarter. Isaac Redman made a wonderful “hot route” read against the Ravens’ blitz and fought his way for the TD.

The defense held tough against the Ravens on the final drive holding them to two first downs, but Flacco’s errant pass to a wide-open receiver on 4th down ended their hopes of a comeback.

Shaun Suisham again was 100% on field goal attempts and is now 6-for-6 on field goal attempts and 5-for-5 on field goals of 40-yards or more. Plus, after an injury to Sepulveda in the 2nd quarter, the placekicker had to serve as the punter. He performed this task as well as he could be expected to, if not better.

My 10 thoughts:

1: I was wrong about Suisham so far, he has turned out to be a great replacement for Reed.

2: Some called Ben soft for going down like a sack of potatoes after he was sucker-punched against the Raiders. Broken nose and foot, he still came back to beat the Ravens, how is that for soft.

3: Isaac Redman has some serious power and desire.

4: Troy Polumalu proves again that when the game is on the line, he will do his all to win it.

5: How about that textbook hit that Harrison had on Flacco, will the NFL find a reason to fine him?

6: I see a cornerback being drafted in the first-round this year, McFadden is not the answer, nor is Gay.

7: We hear a lot about Mike Wallace;s speed, but how about his acceleration??

8: James Farrior might be old, but the man can still play his heart out.

9: I expect to hear about a letter to the Steelers about how the refs blew the two penalty calls (Roethlisberger’s nose and Miller’s concussion)

10: I wonder why the Steelers lied about Roethlisbergers broken nose? It was obviously very much broken…




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